Explore some of the more artistic or unpolished works that I have done over the years.

Scurvy Wars (Fall 2018)

Scurvy Wars was the first project I ever produced while in GIMM. In our first year, we were given a month to produce a game in Adobe Animate, with no prior knowledge of coding other than what we had done in class. I can say for sure, this was the point that seperated those who cared and wanted to really produce something from those that refused to learn. Someday I wish to revisit this idea and make something out of it, but it is nice to look back on the beginning. I was the sole developer for this whole project.

The Dream (Spring 2019)

This was our first big group project we made in our second semester at GIMM. We were tasked with creating a story and through animation and narrative design, tell the story through the animation, not just with words. My group had many ideas at the beginning, but we decided to go with a more down to Earth idea. A veteran, with a checkered past, living the worst parts of his life every night, the nightmare getting worse and worse. But with each new memory, the final piece comes closer. I did the parts assigned my name, and helped put together the timeline at the end.

Plant Conciousness (Spring 2019)

With this assignment, our same group was tasked with creating an educational video about a subject from our learnings that year. My group decided on Plant Conciousness. This helped teach us how to better deliver information that may be hard to teach to an audience, and was very useful down the line when designing the Habitat Explorer example. I animated the beginning slides with up to the bees, as well as helped finalize the timeline. Voiceover by Ross Pataro.

Procedurally Generated Dungeon(WIP Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)

This was a passion project that I decided to learn about during my final year at GIMM. I have always been interested with procedural generation, so I decided to jump in and try my hand at making my own dungeon crawler using randomly generated layouts. Far from finished, I was able to get enemies randomly spawning and the dungeon to change with each successful clear.

Senior Showcase Poster(Spring 2022)

This is a poster example used for our Senior Showcase to have alongside our Demo Reels and final projects.

Click image for PDF file:

Animated Logo (Spring 2022)

This is the logo that I created for my demo reel and future projects. Holy Quarry Productions stems off of my usual username in games, PebblePriest. So for a company, they are part of the religious following of rocks, and this said rock, though he may appear at first to be a simple rock, is the lead priest of this religions, bringing forth the power of their belief to create great things.

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