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About Me

Welcome to my Site!
My name is Reid Daniels. I am a recent graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Gaming, Interactive Media, and Mobile from Boise State University, located in Boise, Idaho. Our major specialized in not only programming knowledge as well as Game Engine understanding, we also covered the Game Design cycle as a whole. With some client based projects under my belt as well as some passion projects well under way, I am looking to jump right into the industry and get some professional exerience in the field.

What I Do?

What I mainly focus on when developing and designing games is the overall gameplay mechanics for the player and the enemies, as well as other aspects of the main gameplay loop. This includes AI development for enemy states as well as physics effects on the player and enemies alike.
I have also led multiple team projects working directly with clients. Prototyping and developing applications that have the possibility of going live has led to many exciting experiences over the years.

Who am I?

I was born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho, and have lived there most of my life. I have a passion for video games and collecting game merchandise and memorabilia. I believe that if you want to have fun in life, you have to do what you believe is fun, and not let others dictate that. If growing up and losing touch with the joy in life that I have felt since I was a child is what society wants, than I guess I will forever be a kid at heart!


Game Design

Level Design
Narrative Design
Game Design Theory
General Game Design
Puzzle Design

Programming Languages


Software and Tools

Game Development Engines

Unity 3D
Unity 2D
Unity VR/AR



Version Control



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Contact Me!

Feel free to contact me at any of the links below! I am always open to making connections and can not wait to hear from you!