Ocular Dark

Ocular Dark is a 2D platformer developed in Unity2D with a group of 3 people, over the course of our final year in GIMM. The story follows the journey of Adonis, Greek God of permanent renewal. Stuck in a cycle of death a rebirth, a hand reaches from the void to help pull you from this cycle. Challenge fate and break out of the cycle with the help from your patron from the void.


This project was given to us in the first semester of our senior year at GIMM. The task was to make a minigame in a month, using state machines to develop an AI for the enemies to target and follow the player. Later that same semester, we were tasked to make a multiplayer game, using Photon and Unity for this as well. Our group decided that instead of making a whole new game, we should continue the one we liked already, and build further into it. That is how Ocular Dark became what it is now. For the future, we have decided to sideline the multiplayer aspect to instead focus on the singleplayer adventure to get a full feel for the game, as well as develop the story.


We began with looking into ideas for the game. We could make any style of game, but while in GIMM the majority of our creations have been either VR or a 3D space. So our team decided to try something new and went with this 2D style platformer. On top of that, our artists thought pixel art would be a fantastic way to not only shorten the time for creation of assets, but the ability to control the style choice. The style theme began around the idea of the Minotaur.
The first idea we had was a Greek spartan fighting greek mythological enemies in the Labyrith, making his way to the end of the level until coming into contact with the Minotaur, the first level enemy. The first name for the game emerged from this, Minotaur Maze. As we went farther into the story and ideas revolving around it, we decided that more depth needed to be put into not only the main character, but the enemies and why they were involved in the situation. This is how we came up with our story.


You are Adonis, the Greek God of permanent renewal. All you remember is a constant cycle of death. Emerging from the Myrrah tree just to walk in the garden and die again, this cycle has gone on countless times. This is the what the fates have deemed so. But you must escape this cycle, for your task is incomplete. Reach into the void and harness its powers to topple fate itself and control your own thread of fate.
The idea behind the story began with the art. Since we wanted to go with Greek mythology, it only made sense that we dip into the ideas and religion behind that mythology. In came Adonis, a lesser known god. With an intruging background and a huge possibility to fill in the gaps, we then looked at the enemy. What better enemy than fate itself, or in this regard, the fates. The sisters of fate, who control the threads of fate in Greek mythology are the players opponent, but are not seen in reality, instead using minions to their advantage.But no hero can travel alone, and the ally that we have found is not a common one. Erebus, the primal deity of darkness and the void in Greek mythology, has reached out to steal Adonis from his fate, but could he have an ulterior motive?


Secondary Developer:

  • Worked alongside lead developer as well as a lead artist.
  • Developed AI state machine for every enemy, as well as physics involved with attacking and switching states.
  • Assisted in designing levels for full gameplay.
  • Lead Tester:

  • Tested network settings for both players, debugging elements that did not transfer correctly.
  • Tested hitboxes for enemies as well as player, physics on level, and gameplay loop replayability
  • For Multiplayer Version

  • Designed and set up the network elements, such as health changes over network and multiplayer communication features
  • Created multiplayer lobby system with rooms and host features
  • Ocular Dark Gameplay Demo April 2022

    Photo Gallery of Single Player

    Ocular Dark Multiplayer Demo December 2021

    Photo Gallery of Multiplayer Setting