GIMM Studio Arcade

GIMM Studio is a multiplayer virtual experience that allows the user to experience the work done by GIMM's 4th cohort. This space includes multiple rooms for hangout capabilities as well as understanding of our work. The Arcade space is used to view games made by our cohort, as well as play minigames such as bowling. The Gallery space is used to view the demo reels and other work of our cohort. The Classrooms space is used to get a better understanding of our instructors, through simple quests and minigames to claim rewards from each professor. The Concert Hall is a soon to be complete space used to view music in an interactive concert experience by the Singer MNDR. All this was created using the Universal Render Pipeline Unity 3D Space, with the Unity package Photon 2.0 Multiplayer.


Our task for this assignment was to create a virtual space to showcase all our work over the years at GIMM. We were split up into multiple teams to accomplish this task. I was assigned the Arcade and the Network sides of the project, to Lead both teams of 5 people to create these aspects of the application. For the Arcade side, it was to showcase some of the games we made in a virtual hangout location, so others could come in and sample our projects. For the Network, we were tasked with making sure everything developed was multiplayer ready, as well as make the network as a whole.


Lead Network Developer:
  • Created a server for the network, using Unity's Photon PUN as base.
  • Server capacity of 100 Concurrent players, with 20 players per room.
  • Created base Player Resource that allows customization for each unique player.
  • Teleportation between spaces in the network including: Plaza, Classrooms, Arcade, and Gallery spaces.
  • UI creation, including setting menu, text chat boxes, Username and HUD for players, and an exit game possibility.
  • Created an Avatar System that passes changes over the network, allowing: Hair Changes and Color, Shirt Changes and Color, Body Type Changes and Color, and Username Changes.
  • Assisted team members in creating voice and text chat over network, usable in the whole space.
  • Developed for players across Windows and Mac, with application identity changing base resource for the player.

Lead Arcade Developer:
  • Built the space using Models from my team, with physics for the landscape and lighting elements for view.
  • Rendered and Baked lighting in the Arcade space.
  • Created Arcade Machines for players to experience games made by the GIMM Cohort.
  • Assigned key commands to allow player to interact with games and controls.
  • Implemented videos playing Game Demos on the arcade machines, with a hitbox that turns them on once the player gets in range.
  • Implemented Bowling minigame into scene that was created by team member.
  • Created character controller with my team that allows basic movement, camera rotation, sprint ability, and jumping.
  • Populated space with video players, can pause and start on button commands, that play video demos of the GIMM cohorts games.

  • Other Contributions
  • Controled Version Control through Github
  • Prototyped initial GIMM Studio space with physics and character controller for other teams
  • Created the final build as well as past builds for Windows and Mac
  • Developed the video players used in the Gallery Space
  • Created world based titles for rooms in the Classrooms

GIMM Studio Demo Footage May 2022

GIMM Studio Photo Gallery